AMBEDKARITE PARTY OF INDIA (API) is A Party of the People of India and “not of” any community, creed,credo,state,language.Its an All India Party, Movement And Organization having it’s presence in 20 States of India and ever expanding…

It’s a “Scientific & Humanistic Party with Unique Policies” foremost on the basis of COSMOHUMANISM,and Constitution, HRs, and Ambedkarism.It was founded on 14.4.2013 and accorded registration by ECI on 6.6.2013CE. Thiru.VIJAY MANKAR is the Founder NATIONAL PRESIDENT of the Party.Its Central Secretariat is at Nagpur.

It’s Policies And Objectives are very distinctly proclaimed in its POLICY DOCUMENT P2A2 .

API has participated in the Parliamentary & Legislative Assembly Elections of Many States, and shall continue to do so…

It Aims at “Forming Government at Centre & States”,and by Unique Policies, Institutions & Governance~ by the”Rights, Dignity And Development of the People” create “A Scientific, Humane, Progressive, Developed And Modvedchi Gondwana (Enlightened India).”

Hope You Join This Great Endeavour & Idea of Us All !